What We Believe

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The Church at the Cross-roads

St John’s is known as ‘The Church at the Cross-roads’. On the one hand, this describes our location: at the junction of the A690 and A167, right at the heart of Neville’s Cross, Durham (see Find Us for details). On the other hand, it is a reminder of the centrality of Christ to our life as a Church, and to our lives as individual Christians.

Christ died on a Cross; the Cross is a universal symbol of Christ, the Saviour of the World. For centuries, pilgrims arriving in Durham were greeted by the sight of a cross – Neville’s Cross – at the side of the road close to where St John’s now stands. It proclaimed to passers-by, as we do today, that Christ died for their sake – for the sake of us all.

A Road is not usually thought of as a symbol of Jesus Christ; but it could be. After Jesus rose from the dead, he was met by two disciples on a road – the Road to Emmaus. He walked with them on their journey, and as they listened to him and read the scriptures with him and broke bread with him, they came to know his true significance.

Early Christians referred to Christianity as ‘The Way’. Faith is never at a standstill; it is a lifelong journey, a pilgrimage shared with others. On the road of life, the Way of faith, we never know when Christ might cross our path and perhaps change the direction of our lives. That’s why we call ourselves ‘The Church at the Cross-roads’. You are welcome to join us, on your Way, wherever it may be leading you; and may Christ be with you as you journey on.

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