Giving and Receiving

Faith is a Christian person’s natural response to God’s immeasurable love. In essence, faith is no more than saying ‘yes’ to God, saying ‘I believe in God’; but in practice, faith changes people’s lives and the way we live our lives. People demonstrate this in different ways; but many are prompted through faith to give of their time, skills and money in different ways, to the glory of God.

If St John’s flourishes, to the glory of God, it is because people give generously of their time and money in this way.

Financial giving

Christians are encouraged to make regular financial giving part of their commitment to the life of the Church, following the example shown by the earliest Christian communities, as recorded in the Bible. If you would like to give regularly to St John’s Church, please ask for a copy of our regular giving leaflet Living Generously.

Offering your time/skills

We are also encouraged to give time to the life of the Church. We are essentially a volunteer organisation, please don’t assume that others will take care of everything. Here are some suggested areas of involvement; if you would like to know more, please contact us via the parish office:

Sunday morning services:

  • Reading from the Bible in services
  • Leading prayers in services
  • Helping serve refreshments after the service
  • Playing music during the service
  • Helping operate the Audio/visual system
  • Welcoming people to Church as a steward (sidesperson)
  • Helping with John’s Juniors (our Sunday School)

Other times:

  • Helping mow the front lawn
  • Arranging flowers in Church
  • Helping clean the Church
  • Helping with Youth Work (LOL)

Linked charities

For many people, faith inspires them toward wider charitable involvement and engagement. As a Church, we have key links with four charities (two local, two international): Durham County Foodbank, CMS, NEPACS and Traidcraft Exchange. We engage with these charities through financial giving and through individuals’ involvement as volunteers. We also engage with various other charities year by year.

Pastoral Care

Not everyone is in a position to give money, time or skills. People are encouraged to give generously what they can; but they are also encouraged to receive. For instance, if a parishioner is ill or infirm or would simply appreciate a visit, we try to come and see them. A small group of people keeps up to date with these ‘pastoral links’, and a number of lay people along with the Rector offer to bring Communion to people at home if they are not able to get to Church. If you are aware of anyone who would appreciate a visit, please contact us.